New Yorkers in New York

Get your limited edition copy of Deepak's B&W film photos of NYC during the 2020 lockdown.

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The Book

36 B&W photos taken with a film camera (medium-format) developed and scanned manually at home by the photographer during the lockdown.

This is a limited-edition sale through end of 2020. E-mail Deepak after your purchase and he will mail you a signed Certificate of Authenticity.

Hard Cover

7x7 inch hardcover with glossy dustjacket featuring vintage map of NYC.

Premium Paper

Pages printed on professional thick 190 GSM semi-gloss paper.

Classic Format

Square photos from traditional 6x6cm negatives, with minimal editing for a cinéma vérité aesthetic.

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The Photographer

Deepak Subburam has been shooting film in the streets of NYC since 2013, when their beauty suddenly revealed itself to him. He has studied street photography with teachers from New York University and the International Center for Photography. His work has been featured in three group exhibitions.

Deepak lives in New York, NY.


“Deepak's 'New Yorkers in New York' captures the city at quiet and serendipitous moments. You'll marvel at the quality of light falling through leaves at dusk in Madison Square Park, the thoughtful pairings of photos which draw out the patterns in concrete, bridges, and even in the bent metal shapes of a playground. People are never far from the images, sometimes looking out over an expanse of water, or stepping lightly from one rock to another. The more you look at the images, the more pleasing details and patterns you'll find. Don't miss an opportunity to enjoy this book.”

Reviewer photo
Celina Fang Senior Multimedia Editor at The Marshall Project

“'New Yorkers in New York' by Deepak Subburam is a beautifully crafted document of New York City as it lives and breathes in these unprecedented times. Spend time with any of the images to find stories within stories. Enjoy the images in their sequence and you will have a new or renewed sense of the energy and grace at the heart of New York City.”

Reviewer photo
Michael Kuehn Amateur Street Photographer